How to Effectively Moisturize Your Skin Type Through The Winter

Winter is coming and like DJ Khaled says, “It’s a cold world, bundle up!” And what comes with winter is frigid temperatures, dry air, sharp winds and artificial heat which makes it challenging to keep your skin moisturized and glowy.

Maybe you have dry skin that keeps getting drier or oily skin that’s confused what to do or combination skin that needs a little TLC. Whichever skin type you work with on your face and body, a great moisturizer is the best way to fight back against the winter’s weather.

Below are the best ways to fight back against the harsh winter and how to keep your skin type moisturized.

Very Dry Skin

For super-dry skin, look for thick and creamy moisturizers to massage into your skin every morning and night. But if you want the moisture to penetrate deeper into your skin, exfoliate 1-2 times a week with natural ingredients, such as a clay mask, to remove dead skin cells. Otherwise, the moisturizer just sits on top and creates a buildup.

Additionally, adding natural and organic oils to your favorite cream will enhance those moisturizing benefits and turn that dry skin into a soft hydrating dewy look and feel.

Oily Skin

Oily skin is mostly caused by an imbalance and not enough moisture, so even though you may be hesitant about adding more oil to your face, moisturizing your slick skin is just as important as lubricating very dry skin.  If you neglect to do so, you’ll become even more oily and risk the chance of building bacteria and clogging your pores. Use a lightweight fast-absorbing oil without a ton of ingredients. Be sure you apply moisturizer throughout every season.

For Your Body

Good skin conditioning is necessary everywhere, so make sure that no body part gets spared no matter the season. However, our skin tends to be thirstier and drier during the winter. For the best outcome, use a natural Shea butter or body oil immediately after you bathe, which is when your skin is best able to soak up moisture.

And don’t neglect your feet! Feet are the most neglected body part. Here’s a tip to super hydrate dry or cracked feet. Use a thick cream like a whipped Shea butter or a heavy oil to give yourself a nice foot massage after a long day then cover them with thick socks at night for bed-time. When you wake up, you’ll have soft highly-moisturized feet!

I hope these tips help and you take moisturizing your skin seriously. You will love the difference.


How to Effectively Moisturize Your Skin Type Through The Winter

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