Welcome to KLAY Points.

This is where you get rewarded for taking care of your skin to feel radiant, confidant and knowing that healthy skin is best!

KLAY Points are simple and easy to earn.

Get 50 KLAY Points for creating an account (all of your orders will be in one place and easy to track).

Get 100 KLAY Points for leaving a review for the item(s) you purchased (verified purchases only).

Earn 1 point for every $1 spent

500 points = $5 off next purchase

1000 points = $10 off next purchase

1500 points = $15 off next purchase

2500 points = $25 off next purchase

5500 points = $55 off next purchase

The Low Down

  1. Rewards are available to registered customers only.
  2. Points earned or redeemed do not apply to tax or shipping.
  3. Points are earned and redeemable by the email address on account only.
  4. Points are non-transferable.
  5. Points may only be redeemed for purchases and have no cash value.
  6. Points are accumulated by current purchases only (Except all customers prior to June 29, 2018 will have points added to their account. Prior Guest checkout customers will need to create an account to have previous purchase points added).
  7. We hold the right to cancel an account at any time.