Top 5 Reasons Why Clay Masks Are the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Certainly, I’m going to level up your expectations when it comes to clay masks. I love clay because of its magical abilities to just reset your whole face and nourish it. With the greatness manifesting in this earthy powder, I based my skincare line around clays.

Even if you don’t struggle with pimples, clay can still offer a detoxifying experience. In some cases, clay masks can even hydrate your skin—which is essential if you’re dealing with dryness.

If you’re that person that takes healthy skin and ridding of toxins seriously, you’ve probably indulged or at least researched skincare with all-natural ingredients, such as organic clay masks.

Besides having the best sandwich you’ve ever eaten, I’m going to tell you the top 5 reasons why clay masks are the best thing since sliced bread!

1. For All Skin Types

Even though a lot of facial treatments specify the skin type it treats, clay masks don’t discriminate. Yeah, some clays are geared to perform better on a certain skin type, but they don’t harm your skin if you use one over the other. Clay masks safely treat all skin times without irritation. If you use them enough, they work wonders on younger skin that are prone to acne, and it increases elasticity and minimizes the signs of aging.

2. Oil Absorber Without Overdrying

A little oil on your skin can resolve to smooth and soft skin, but too much oil oozing out of your pores can mean you are overdrying your skin and it over-compensates for the reduction in oil by producing more, which creates congested pores. Quality clay masks will absorb that dirt and oil without harming or drying out your skin.

3. Removes Dead Skin Cells

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want anything dead on my skin. Dead skin cells can make your skin look rough and blah. A clay mask will slough away that dead skin and make your face look bright and fresh. At times you will even notice that you produce a new shiny layer after your clay treatment. This always makes me happy seeing the work pay off 🙂

4. Fills Skin With Nutrients

While a clay mask is detoxing your skin and removing grimy toxins, it’s also filling up your skin with much-needed minerals to keep the skin smooth. While you’re killing 10-15 minutes waiting to remove the clay mask, it’s doing its job while it sits on your face saturating it with all the goods to make your skin look smoother, healthier, and fresh!

5. Detoxes and Eliminates Toxins

I cannot stress this enough — with all of the environmental toxins that seep into your skin day-to-day needs to be zapped away. You can do this by treating your skin at least once a week with a high-quality organic clay mask. When you mix environmental toxins with dirt and excessive oil, it can form acne and other skin damage. Clay masks will detox and pull toxic impurities out of your skin all within 10-15 mins.

Now, go get a slice of bread and hold it up to your face. You don’t want your skin to look like that, so I suggest you continue to be curious about healthier natural and organic skincare so you can age beautifully!

For the best detox system, try one of these:  Klayveda Set or Vedamin-C Set. Both come with a special blend of pure clay masks blended with botanical and Ayurvedic ingredients, botanical water toners, and Glow Oil fast-absorbing moisturizer. These were specially formulated by me to provide the highest quality of natural treatments you can find. And as a bonus….it’s all with free shipping.

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