6 Beneficial Ways To Use A Natural Toner

Toner is an essential step to daily skincare routine. It helps tighten pores, balance the skin’s pH, remove excess oil and dirt, and helps absorb products. If you’re not toning after cleansing, especially with a natural alcohol-free toner like Rose Chamomile H2O or Lemon Balm H2O, you are missing out on great thing for your skin. 

Healthy skin requires water and oil. Water keeps skin hydrated and functioning properly. Oil helps seal in the moisture while also delivering nutrients and protection. 

The best way to use a toner is with your facial oil. Spritz a generous amount on your face and press into skin to assist with the absorbing. Follow up with massaging a facial oil onto your skin. 

My Rose Chamomile H2O is a hydrating tonic providing a mild astringent, which is great for sensitive and mature skin types and excellent for reducing redness and inflammation. Rose water is known for its mild astringent and great for sensitive and mature skin types. Chamomile water is great for it’s calming effect. It has an amazing natural floral scent.

My Lemon Balm H2O is a hydrating toner providing mild tonic and skin cleansing properties for all skin types and especially effective in combating acne. It’s loaded with antioxidants that protect cells from free radicals. Lemon balm is a natural antibacterial and anti-fungal, making it soothing for skin conditions. It has an amazing natural lemon-y scent.

Both come with a spray cap and dropper to spritz directly onto your face or to mix with clay masks for enhanced benefits.

Rose Chamomile H2O

Here are 6 ways to use a natural toner.

After cleaning your face

Toning after cleansing is an important step to incorporate into your skincare routine. It removes any oil, dirt, and debris left behind after cleansing.

It’s a well-known fact that moist skin can better absorb topical products than dry skin. If you have dry skin, toning before applying a face oil or moisturizer will help maintain the moisture. If you have oily or acne skin, it will help with balance your skins sebum and absorb any use of topical acne treatment.

Customize your clay mask

Mixing a clay mask with water is cool, but using my natural botanical waters are even better. Try mixing Rose Chamomile H2O with the Klayveda Mask for extra hydrating or the Lemon Balm H2O with the Vedamin-C Mask for an extra blemish-fighting power. Each toner is specifically paired with a mask to increase the benefits the mask has to offer.

Set your makeup

You can toss away those setting sprays filled with awful synthetics and let your H2O toner double up as a makeup setting spray instead. You’ll also be adding free-radical fighting antioxidants all day.

Refresh throughout the day

Feeling stressed, need a pick-me-up, or spending time in the hot sun?

Stash your toner in your purse to refresh your mind and face throughout the day with an antioxidant and aromatherapy toner. Spritzing your face will keep you relaxed and refreshed. Hydrated and reinvigorated at the same time.


Not only are toners part of the 2nd step of your skincare routine but misting on a toner made with botanical hydrosols such as Rose Chamomile H2O and Lemon Balm H2O, it floods your senses with uplifting scents that improve your mood or keeps you feeling calm.

A one Step morning cleanse

Be careful to not over-cleanse your face. Unless you’ve been mud wrestling in your sleep, it’s not always necessary to repeat the same cleansing routine in the AM. Over cleansing can strip your skins natural oils and disrupt the acid mantle and balance of keeping clear skin.

You can simply refreshing your face with a non-alcoholic natural botanical toner by spritzing your face or pour it into a cotton pad and gently wipe your face. You can try these natural alcohol-free botanical toners Rose Chamomile H2O and Lemon Balm H2O.

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